Park Projects

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At some time during the year, most if not every park has projects being completed. Some of these projects are simple – irrigation repair, tree trimming, and fence repair. But as our infrastructure ages, upgrades and replacement of             equipment, components of facilities, and path replacements are also necessary. These priorities become major            projects. 

The purpose of this page is to let you know the status for each of our major projects. The page will be updated at least twice monthly. If you would like additional information, please call the Park Services Office at (310) 781-6901.

Our projects include:

The Wilson Park Truss Project

Purpose: To remove and replace the old truss structure.

Status:  This project is currently in process


Wilson Park Play Equipment Replacement Program

Purpose: To update and replace old equipment.

Status: Staff is working on getting funding for this project.


Splash Pad at Wilson Park Pond

Purpose: To provide a place where residents can go to cool off and play in the water. To also replace the Pond which   was very expensive to run and impossible to keep clean.

Status: This is currently in process


Turf Management Plan

Purpose: To renovate Fields 1 and 2 at Wilson Park, part of Columbia, and part of the McMaster field.

Status: The areas have been seeded and are growing well. The fields at Wilson will open at the beginning of                     September. 

Other projects in process include:

The refinishing of the hand rails on Delthorne Bridge

The resurfacing of the paths at Sur La Brea

The replacement of the gazebo at Sur La Brea

The removal of the wall at La Carretera Park