Review Process

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Non-Profit Social Service Grant Program

The Parks and Recreation Commission has nominated three City of Torrance Commissioners as a Committee to oversee the Non-Profit Social Services Grant Program.  Once the grants have been submitted, the Grants Committee members will rate the proposals and make a recommendation for funding to the Parks and Recreation Commission.  In turn, the Commission will forward the recommendation to the Torrance City Council for final funding approval.

Proposals will be reviewed for baseline criteria of correct number of copies, original signatures, and 501 (C) 3 or 23701 (c) or (d) status.  Any proposal that does not contain the information listed on the Application Packet Checklist will be rejected before the rating process.


Points per section are totaled for an overall application score.

The proposal scores are averaged (using total score/number of raters) to determine the overall score. 

Average scores are ranked per grant and funding category to determine a prioritized list of qualified proposals.

Selected Agencies will be recommended to the Parks and Recreation Commission for review and approval.

The Torrance City Council will determine grant awards after receiving the recommendations from the Torrance Parks and Recreation Commission and the Torrance Community Services Department.

Section Points Value

Statement of Need


Project Description


Grant Program Goals


Project Outcomes


Age Group/Torrance Residents


Evaluation Strategy


Program Budget



100 points