Grant Program Lifecycle

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Non-Profit Social Services Grant Program

The Parks and Recreation Commission Non-profit Social Services Grant Life Cycle consists of a step-by-step process that both the City of Torrance and the grantees can use for each phase of the program.


2019 Life Cycle**

August 12, 2018                                Grant Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA) announced.

August 12, 2018                                Grant Application Period Opens.

September 14, 2018                        Grant Applications Due.

September 17, 2018                        Proposal Review Period.  (Includes Non-profit Status Verification)

October 10, 2018                              Proposal Recommendation by Grants Commission.

November 14, 2018                         Review and Recommendation by Parks and Recreation Commission.

December 11, 2018                          Review and Approval of Torrance City Council.

January 7, 2019                                 Notice to Award and Grant Agreements sent to Grantees.

January 22, 2019                              Grant Agreements Executed and Funds Released.

July 31, 2019                                       Mid-Year progress report due.

December 31, 2019                          End of Grant Program

January 31, 2020                              Grant Close-out Financial Reports Due.

February 19, 2020                             2019 Grant Close-Out Financial Reports submitted to Grants Committee.

March 11, 2020                                   2019 Close-out Financial Reports submitted to Parks and Recreation Commission
                                                                   for review and recommendation to send to City Council.

April 14, 2020                                      2019 Close-out Financial Reports submitted to Torrance City Council for accepting
                                                                 and approval.


**Dates Subject to Change