Grant Administration - Notice of Award

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Non-Profit Social Services Grant Program

When the review process has been completed, the City of Torrance will notify the applicants whether or not they have been awarded a grant. The City will also begin work with the award recipient to finalize the legal framework for the funding agreement using a City Contract. Following the execution of the agreement, the funds are disbursed.

Grant awardees will begin their projects after receiving a Notice of Award, an executed grant agreement, and the funds have been disbursed.  The award recipient is responsible for meeting the administrative, financial and programmatic reporting requirements of the award.

Grant Contract

The City of Torrance Standard Grant Contract is available for review during the application process.  It is recommended that all applicants review this agreement prior to submitting an application.

Grantee Reporting

Award recipients submit two primary types of reports to City of Torrance:

Mid-Year Progress Report

Due in July, the progress performance report shows the overall financial status and program performance of the grant project to date. 

Grant Close-Out Financial Report

All grant recipients are required to submit an impact report detailing how the grant was used and what outcomes were achieved. The impact report template will be sent via e-mail to the organization contact after the Mid-Year Progress Report has been received and approved.