Eligibility and Exclusions

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Non-Profit Grant Program


  •  The Grantee must be Torrance-based or must provide proof of service to Torrance residents.

  • Grant awards are not a City commitment for continuing financial support.

  • A grant should be for a particular program or project of the Grantee, rather than for the general support of a multi-purpose agency.

  • To ensure greatest impact, funds should be directed toward the provision of direct client services.

  • To be considered, a grant applicant must provide with its application proof of non-profit status under Section 501(C) 3 of the Internal Revenue Code or Section 23701(c) or (d) of the California Revenue and Taxation Code.”

  • The Grantee’s program shall begin within 90 days of the grant award.

  • All facilities and services provided under the grant must be accessible to individuals with disabilities.

  • Youth programs must serve Torrance youth enrolled within the boundaries of the Torrance Unified School district.


Funding Exclusions

  • Administrative Costs.

  • Organizations that deny service, membership or other involvement on the basis of race, religion, color, sex, sexual orientation, age national origin, ancestry, citizenship, veteran, or disability status. 

  • Advertising, film or video project.

  • Athletic sponsorships for individuals and teams.

  • Capital campaigns and endowments (defined as any plans to raise funds for a significant purchase or expense, such as new construction, major renovations or to help fund normal budgetary items).

  • Contests or pageants.

  • Fundraising events (walks, races, tournaments, dinners etc.)

  • In-kind donation requests.

  • Donations to Nationally-sponsored organizations: American Cancer Society, American Diabetes Association, American Heart Association, Children's Miracle Network and United Way.

  • Professional memberships, including association/chamber memberships.

  • Organizations or programs that do not benefit the citizens of Torrance.

  • Organizations whose programming or policies may position the City of Torrance in a negative light. 

  • Organizations whose services do not benefit the City of Torrance or the community at large.

  • Political causes, candidates, organizations or campaigns.

  • Projects that send products or people to foreign countries or on domestic travel.

  • Registration fees.

  • Requests made on behalf of another organization or by an unauthorized representative of the recipient organization.

  • Requests made solely to benefit one person or family.

  • Research.

  • Administrative salaries, stipends, tips and rewards.

  • Scholarships (tuition, room, board, other expenses for college/university/vocational school attendance).

  • Third-party giving, including funds that are re-allocated to fiscally sponsored organizations.

  • Tickets for contests, raffles or any other activity with prizes.