Application Process

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Non-Profit Grant Program

Notice of Available Funding (NOFA)

The City of Torrance will formally announce the funding opportunity, advertising it to applicant communities and inviting proposals tailored to address the program mission. The City will publish details of the funding opportunity through email, direct mail, the City Clerk’s office, on the City’s website and in local media outlets; information will include a synopsis, basic eligibility information, and how to obtain the grant application package.

The City accepts no responsibility for notification to agencies of the availability of funding of grants, nor for the mailing out of grant applications.  Responsibility of obtaining and submitting information belongs to the agency.

Applications period begins on August 10, 2020 and applications are due:

Tuesday, September 8, 2020 by 5:00 p.m

All applications are to be submitted through the online application process to:


Elements of the Application Packet

Statement of Intent on Agency Letterhead

The Agency Statement of Intent briefly outlines your program/project in a clear unambiguous, and concise way.  The following (on agency letterhead) would be included in your one page letter of intent:

  • A description of the applicant organization. 

  • Category of Application.

  • A brief statement of the need.

  • How the need will be met.

  • Number of Torrance residents served under the proposed project.

  • The total cost of the project.

  • The grant amount requested of the City.

  • The duration of the program/project.

  • Signed by a representative of your agency.


Application and Documentation

Statement of Need

The statement of need is a key element of the proposal that makes a clear, concise, and well supported summary of the problem to be addressed.

Project Description

The project description refers to how the project is expected to work and solve the stated problem.

Grant Program Goals

Program outcomes refer to specific activities in the proposal. It is necessary to identify all objectives related to the goals to be reached, and the methods to be employed to achieve the stated objectives. The figures used must be verifiable.  The stated objectives will be used to evaluate program progress, so be realistic.

Project Outcomes

This section provides specific details on the grant service population, demographics if applicable, and a target of how many Torrance residents will be served under the grant.

Evaluation Strategy

The evaluation component is two-fold:

(1) The evaluation of results that can be attributed to the program as well as the extent to which the project has satisfied its desired objectives; and

(2) The process evaluation as to how the project was conducted, in terms of consistency with the stated plan of action and the effectiveness of the various activities within the plan. 

Program/Project Budget Sheet

  • To ensure greatest impact, funds should be directed toward the provision of direct client services.

Agency Information/Proof of Eligibility of 501(c) 3 status

Grantees seeing funding must provide with the application proof of non-profit status under Section 501(C) 3 of the Internal Revenue Code or Section 23701(c) or (d) of the California Revenue and Taxation Code.  Once the application packet has been submitted, the City will attempt to verify the applicant’s good standing in terms of IRS/State of California non-profit status.