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Street Sweeping FAQs

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  • Who monitors the work of the street sweepers?

  • How fast should street sweepers sweep?

  • What are the parking restrictions for street sweeping?

  • When does the street sweeper sweep around schools?

  • Will there be a grace period for residents after the installation of street sweeping signs?

  • Will parking be allowed on narrow streets when street sweeping is in effect? Why not?

  • Will there be any exceptions for medical reasons, including those with handicap placards?

  • How much are violations per incident and where are the proceeds directed?

  • When street sweeping is cancelled due to inclement weather such as rain, will ticketing be suspended? How will residents be notified?

  • Why does the street sweeper go down my street without sweeping?

  • How will construction-related vehicles be accommodated?

  • Is it okay to blow or sweep landscaping debris on to the street?