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2017 Wastewater (sewer) Rate Increase

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Notification of Proposed Wastewater Rate Increase

On October 4, 2016, the City Council approved setting a Public Hearing for December 6, 2016, regarding a proposed series of wastewater (sewer) collection rate increases over the next five year period of 2017 through 2021. The proposed increases are needed to offset operating cost increases, to fund needed wastewater system infrastructure replacements, to implement new regulatory mandates, and to stabilize long-term wastewater rates.

The rate proposal was approved by council and effective starting January 1st, 2017 

The rate proposal applies to those customers receiving wastewater (sewer) collection service from the City of Torrance. Notices of the Public Hearing regarding the proposed increases in Torrance Municipal Water rates were mailed to all TMW customer accounts. The last increase to wastewater rates was in 2012. The City of Torrance provides wastewater (sewer) collection service to over 35,000 customer accounts within the City. In addition to providing for adequate revenues to meet operating and maintenance needs, the Public Works Department Sanitation Division requires funding for needed system infrastructure replacements, refurbishments and improvements to municipal sewer system. The rate adjustment also enables the Sanitation Division to create adequate reserves for future emergencies and contingencies, while maintaining our position as having rates that are among the lowest in the area.

Low-Income Senior or Low-Income Permanent Disabled Discounts

  • Be a minimum of 62 years of age or permanently disabled
  • Have a total household income no greater than $30,350 for the prior calendar year

If you meet these criteria, please call the City's Finance Department at (310) 618-5830, and they will mail you the appropriate forms. Questions or comments regarding the proposal content or other related information may be directed to the Public Works Department at (310) 781-6900 or