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Trash and Recycling

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Trash and Recycling
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Torrance City Hall
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The Sanitation Division handles residential trash and recycling collection as well as the collection for the City Hall complex, City parks, fire stations, and the Police Department. Businesses and Multifamily homes are serviced by private haulers.

Residential trash, recycling, and green waste recycling is collected once per week, Monday through Thursday (except holidays & weekends) for 29,500 single and duplex homes, plus 3 and 4 unit complexes which meet certain criteria. All three collection container types are available in 64 and 96 gallon sizes, but the monthly rate is based only on the size of the trash container. Those residents with alley pick up share a 300-gallon trash container that is placed in the alley. 

Important Notice

If you live in a single-family residence and are not receiving services such as trash collection from the City of Torrance, more than likely, your address is not considered City of Torrance. It is recommended that you call the City of Los Angeles. The City of Los Angeles Service Request Number is 1-800-996-2489.

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