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Flight Preparation Data

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Zamperini Field (TOA) 3 SW UTC-8(-7DT) N33° 48.18' W118° 20.38' 101 B S4

Fuel: 80, 100, 100LL OX 1, 2, 3, 4 TPA--1101(1000)

Rwy 11L-29R: H5000X150 (ASPH-CONC) S-30, D-50, DT-90 MIRL 0.3% up E

Rwy 11L: VASI(V2L)--GA 3.5° TCH 10'. Thld dsplcd 541'. Pole.

Rwy 29R: MALSR. VASI(V4L)--GA 4.0° TCH 11'. Thld dsplcd 540'. Building. Rgt tfc.

Rwy 11R-29L: H3000X75 (ASPH) S-28 MIRL

Rwy 11R: Trees. Tgt tfc.

Rwy 29L: REIL. VASI(V2L)--GA 4.0° TCH 25'. Building.

Weather Data Sources: LAWRS.

Communications: CTAF 124.0 ATIS 125.6 (310) 534-2847 UNICOM 122.95


SOCAL APP CON: 124.3 (Rwy 11L and Rwy 11R) 127.2 (Rwy 29R and Rwy 29L)

SOCAL DEP CON: 124.3 (Rwy 29R and Rwy 29L) 127.2 (Rwy 11L and Rwy 11R)

Tower: 133.075 (North) 124.0 (South) (1500-0400Z# ) GND CON 120.9

Airspace: Class D svc effective 1500-0400Z# other times Class G.

Radio Aids to Navigation: NOTAM FILE LAX.

Los Angeles (H) VORTACW: 113.6 LAX Chan 83 N33° 55.99' W118° 25.92' 134° 9.0 NM to
fld. 180/15E.

ILS/DME: 111.9 I-TOA Chan 56 Rwy 29R LOC unusable byd 10° S of course.

Comm./Navaid Remarks: Twr sectorization is based on center of arpt parallel to Rwy 11-29

Airport Remarks:

CAUTION: Farm equipment operating near all rwys and taxiways. Extreme noise sensitive area
all quadrants. For noise abatement procedures information contact Arpt Noise Abatement (310) 784-7950 or freq 122.9. Maximum aircraft weight 30,000 pounds per wheel. Certain turbojet acft permanently excluded. Touch and go ldg and stop and go ldg and low apch operations limited to 1600-0400Z# (taxi-back until 0600# ) weekdays and 1800-0100Z# Sat. No touch and go ldg and stop and go ldg and low apch operations and taxi-back operations on Sun and holidays. Arpt CLOSED to departure 0600-1500Z# weekdays and 0600-1600Z# weekends and holidays. No multi-engine simulated engine-out procedures authorized in tfc pattern. Rwy 11R-29L inactive 0400-1500Z# . When twr clsd ACTIVATE MALSR Rwy 29R--CTAF.