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Water Reliability

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Conservation Classes

Classes on different aspects of sustainability will be held at Torrance libraries and  at the Madrona Marsh Nature Center. These classes touch on the following issues:

  • Water
  • Turf Removal Classes
  • Native Plant Gardening Classes
  • Rainwater Collection Exhibit at Madrona Marsh Nature Center
  • Bio remediation/Urban Runoff exhibit at Madrona Marsh Sum

Water Education Programs


The City has set a goal to become 80% water independent in order to improve water reliability and reliance on imported water.

The following are some examples of successful projects that will help the City to achieve its goal of being water independent and reducing the reliance on imported water:


Walnut Basin Storm Water Recharge and Enhancement 

  • Project will divert urban runoff and stormwater back into Walnut Basin
  • Project will reduce nutrient and toxic pollution to Machado Lake

Beach Cities Green Streets Project

  • Project will divert urban runoff and stormwater into street parkways for infiltration.
  • Project will reduce bacterial and toxic pollution to Santa Monica Bay.

Clean Bay Restaurant Program

  • On-going Program to encourage restaurants to implement more Best Management Practices (BMP) than required