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Climate Action Plan

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The Climate Action Plan is a guide which set greenhouse gas emission reduction goals and established strategies to achieve these outcomes over the next 20 years.  The strategies include in the plan are voluntary, however the City has committed to the targets outlined in the Plan.  The targets are consistent with California’s AB 32 goals and will help the State meet its long term goal of 80% below 1990 levels by 2050.


City of Torrance Targets

2020: 15% reduction from 2005 levels

2035: 49% reduction from 2005 levels


Community Emissions Inventories, Projections and Targets

 Community Emissions Inventories


Municipal Emissions Inventories, Projections and Targets

 Municipal Emissions Inventories


The City has achieved its 2020 goals for municipal emissions and the community needs to reduce emissions a further 12% from the levels measured in 2012 in order to meet the 2020 goals.

Since 2012, a number of initiatives implemented in the community will assist in meeting this goal.  For example, many homes in the City of Torrance have chosen to install solar panels and in 2019, the City of Torrance became a SolSmart Gold level City for efforts undertaken to remove barriers and soft costs to these installations.  In addition, grid modernization, moving towards locally sourced water, the California Green Building Code and increased electric vehicle ownership will all help the Torrance community to reduce the community-wide emissions levels and achieve these goals. 


Links to Climate Action Plan

City of Torrance Climate Action Plan

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Appendix C: Land Use and Transportation Measures and Methodology

Appendix D: Solid Waste Measures and Methodology

Appendix E: Urban Greening Measures and Methodology

Appendix F: Energy Generation & Storage Measures and Methodology