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Solar / Photovoltaic Information

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Torrance Solar Energy Systems Objectives & Policies 

Torrance is committed to increasing the adoption of solar energy systems within the City. The City offers streamlined solar permitting and inspections, online permitting, online community resources and information about state solar policies. If you are interested in installing solar panels, please see the information and links below.

Photovoltaic / Solar Permit Process:

Photovoltaic/Solar Permit Submittal/Inspection requirements check list
*Please allow up to 3 business days turnaround time for small rooftop solar PV.

Online Resources Links:

LA County Community Solar Map
Curious to see how much solar potential your address has? Trying to reduce the cost of Utility Bills? Follow this link.

FTC Consumer Information
Considering various Solar energy options? Wondering if Solar Panels are right for you?

SEIA Solar Customer Resource Portal
Looking for financing options as well as solar energy tips? Visit this link to find details on property value, payment, and other details.

IREC Clean Energy Consumer Bill of Rights
Concerned with consumer rights? Follow this link to see safety rights, warranties, privacy, protective measures and more.

State Policies:

To educate our residents and businesses, the City has provided a summary of State policies related to a property owner’s solar access and solar rights, including links to policies.


Solar Rights Act

California State law has protected a homeowner’s right to solar access for over 30 years. With passage of the Solar Rights Act in 1978 (AB 3250, 1978), the State established protections to a homeowner’s right to the sun for solar collection and limitations on the ability of a Homeowner’s Association (HOA) and local governments restrict that right.


Solar Shade Act

The Solar Shade Act (AB 2321, 1978) further promoted a homeowner’s right to solar access by protecting existing solar systems from shading caused by trees growing on adjacent properties, so long as the solar system was installed prior to the tree’s planting.

Solar Efficiency Permitting Act

In 2014, the Solar Efficiency Permitting Act (AB 2188, 2014) streamlined the permitting process for solar systems 10 kW/AC or less. It also prohibited Cities from conditioning the approval of a small residential solar permitted on approval of an HOA.

AB 1414 Act

AB 1414 (2017) capped the amount permitting agencies can charge a homeowner for a small rooftop solar system (10 kW/AC or less) at $500.