Successor Agency to the Redevelopment Agency of the City of Torrance

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Downtown Project Area Map

Industrial Project Area: Encompassing approximately 290 acres of industrial land on the east side of the City, the Industrial Project Area is the largest of the four project areas.  The Agency has been instrumental in bringing the American Honda national headquarters and many other industries into the Industrial Project Area, and creating more jobs and additional tax revenues to the City.  American Honda acquired 76 acres of the former U.S. Steel facility and, with the addition of 25 acres of City owned land, they were able to build their national headquarters on a site that was deteriorating and becoming an economic drain on the community. The former Torrance Redevelopment Agency was also instrumental in the development of two additional properties which previously housed large heavy industrial facilities within the Industrial Project Area. Torrance Center I, located at the eastern boundary of Torrance, is a successful commercial office project designed to become a "gateway" at one of the City's major entrance corridors. Torrance Center II is a 36 acre master planned development project located on the former ARMCO property. This project was planned to be developed in phases, with a mix of retail, commercial, office and hotel uses for increased flexibility.  The result of this  effort has been impressive. The total property valuation for the Industrial Project increased from $112 million dollars in 1982 to $397 million dollars in 1992 and $694 million in 2010.

Some of the current businesses located in the Industrial Project Area include:  American Honda Motor Co., Ralphs MarketPlace, Lowe's Home Improvement Warehouse, Van Ness Business Center, Doug Mockett & Co., Dish Network California, Tips Cadillac, Torrance Center I - AT& T and ADT Security Services, and Torrance Center II - Sunrider International Co., Sakura Finetek USA Inc., ZC&R Optics, Mitsuwa Market Place, Miyako Hybrid Hotel, and Eastgate Plaza shopping center. Industrial Plan

Meadow Park Project Area: Meadow Park Project Area, located on east side of Hawthorne Boulevard, north of Pacific Coast Highway and south of Skypark Drive was the former Redevelopment Agency's first project effort. Prior to the project area fcus, the area was plagued with frequent flooding, irregularly shaped lots, and insufficient infrastructure facilities. The former Torrance Redevelopment Agency, combined with efforts from private property owners and businesses, was able to reverse the deteriorating condition of Meadow Park. It is now home to many successful businesses which have taken advantage of the excellent location and amenities offered at Meadow Park.  Predominately a light industrial area, interest in the area for office use has become a trend.

Some of the current businesses located within the Meadow Park Project Area include:  One-Stop Windows & Doors, Dunk Antiques & Restoration, Caleb Technology Inc., SAC-TEC, Measurement Analysis Corp., Kopykake, William Bounds, Ltd., Del Amo Construction, Keller Williams, Century 21, ReMax, Big O Tires, and Coco's Bakery and Restaurant.  Also included in the Meadow Park are four outstanding Business Parks, where numerous business offices, industrial and financial uses are located:  Torrance Airport Business Center, Madison Airport Center, Atrium Business Center and Bayco Financial Center. Meadow Park Plan

Skypark Project Area: Skypark Project Area Map, the City's second project area to be established, is one of the most valuable business parks in the City of Torrance. The Skypark Office & Medical Center is known for extensively landscaped gardens and water features.  The project area encompasses approximately 30 acres and is located between Hawthorne Boulevard, Madison Street, Lomita Boulevard, and Skypark Drive.  Shortly after its completion, Skypark was awarded the Pacific Coast Builders Conference Gold Nugget Award for its unique commercial mixed use site plan.  Skypark, much like Meadow Park, is going through a transformation, where medical uses are becoming the trend and surpassing general office use, which dominated the center at its inception.

Some of the current businesses located within the Skypark Project Area Map include two restaurants: TGIF and Olive Garden, and various industrial and general offices, medical offices and banks: Prudential, South Bay Family Medical Practice, Bay Cities National Bank and Cathay Bank. Skypark Plan and Skypark Development Standards