Small Cell and Wireless Facilities

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On January 8th, 2019, the Torrance City Council adopted an Urgency Amendment to the Torrance Municipal Code Division 9, Chapter 2, Article 39 “Wireless Telecommunication Facility Ordinance.”

The amendments to the Wireless Telecommunication Facility Ordinance adopted rules for the regulation of Small Wireless Facilities (as that term is defined by the FCC).  The City has created a new Small Cell permit, via a Policy Exemption, for such qualifying facilities Citywide.  These newly-adopted rules for Small Wireless Facilities will be applied to all applications that have not yet been deemed complete by the City.  Your project has not yet been deemed complete.

Under this Policy Exemption, qualifying Small Wireless Facilities will be reviewed administratively and presented to the Community Development Director for a determination.  There will be no hearing before the Telecommunications Review Board. Under the Policy Exemption, the Director’s determination is not subject to appeal. 

Please be aware that applications and resubmittals are only accepted in the morning hours on Mondays and Tuesdays by appointment only. Contact a member of the Planning Division at 310.618.5990 prior to submitting your application to schedule a pre-application meeting or submittal appointment.

TMC Article 39
January 8, 2019 City Council
January 8, 2019 City Council Staff Report
January 8, 2019 City Council Supplemental
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