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Resident - Oversized Vehicle/Trailer

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Residents who own an oversized vehicle or trailer must follow three steps:
1. Registration:
Residents must register their oversized vehicle or trailer with the City of Torrance Community Development Department (CDD) by filling out the application, submitting proof of residency (i.e. California Driver License (CDL), utility bill, and vehicle registration), and a one-time registration fee of $25 per vehicle or trailer. Residents will then receive an adhesive sticker for each vehicle or trailer that is to be placed on the left rear portion of the bumper of the oversized vehicle or trailer. This sticker is only issued for the vehicle or trailer registered to residents of Torrance and is not transferable.

2. Purchasing Daily Paperless Parking Permits:
Beginning July 1, 2007, residents who wish to temporarily park their oversized vehicle or trailer in front of their home for up to 3 consecutive days (72 hours), must pre-purchase "daily paperless parking permit(s)" from Community Development Department (CDD) during regular business hours. When City Hall is closed, daily paperless parking permits may be purchased at the Torrance Police Department (TPD), 3300 Civic Center Drive. Permits cost $20 for 24 one-day permits, and $40 for 48 one-day permits for the remainder of 2007 (July 1, 2007 through December 31, 2007).  In 2007, residents are eligible for 48 daily paperless parking permits (24 per quarter since permitting begins halfway through the year).  In 2008, residents are eligible for a maximum of 96 daily paperless parking permits per year with a maximum of 24 daily paperless permits per quarter. 

3. Activating Your Daily Paperless Parking Permit(s):
After you have registered your oversized vehicle or trailer and prepaid for your daily paperless parking permit(s), residents may call the Torrance Police Department (TPD) at 310-618-5636 to activate your daily paperless parking permit(s), effective starting July 1, 2007. Please provide the TPD staff your vehicle information, name or registration sticker number and the dates when the oversized vehicle or trailer will be parked on the public street in front of your home.