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Oversized Vehicle Resident/Visitor Registration & Information

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Upon receiving a variety of complaints, concerns, comments and suggestions from the public about oversized vehicles (OV) and trailers being stored on public streets, the City Council directed staff to address this issue. After almost 24 months of exploring the issue and gathering input from members of the community, an Ordinance for parking of Oversized Vehicles and Trailers was created. On Sept. 12, 2006, the City Council adopted Ordinance No. 3686. The Ordinance includes provisions  for those residents who are handicapped, or who qualify with the City as a low-income family. All other CVC (California Vehicle Code) and TMC (Torrance Municipal Code) laws still apply; e.g., the 72-hour rule, street sweeping signs, etc. 

In January of 2007, the City of Torrance began registering oversized vehicles and trailers. OV Resident Registration Applications are available at the Torrance Police Department, Community Development Department and on the  City of Torrance website (see OV Resident Registration Form above). Effective July 1, 2007 only registered oversized vehicles and/or trailers with activated daily paperless parking permits will be allowed to be parked on public streets. There are also provisions for residents who are hosting visitors traveling in an oversized vehicle or trailer (OV Visitor Registration Form). The resident registration stickers are available at the Community Development Department (CDD), and  the daily paperless parking  permits can be pre-purchased at the CDD or the Torrance Police Department (TPD) when City hall is closed. The daily paperless parking permits can be activated by calling the TPD at (310) 618-5636.  

If you have any questions or need clarification about registration stickers or daily paperless parking permits, please feel free to contact the Transportation Planning Division of the Community Development Department at (310) 618-5990 or via email at CDDTraffic@TorranceCA.Gov.   If you have questions about parking enforcement, please contact the Traffic Division of the Torrance Police Department at (310) 618-5557.  

Oversized Vehicle/Trailer Resident's Application

Oversized Vehicle/Trailer Visitor's Application

Ordinance No. 3686 was adopted by the City Council on September 12, 2006. The Ordinance includes provisions  for those residents who are handicapped, or who qualify with the City as a low-income family.   All other CVC (California Vehicle Code) and TMC (Torrance Municipal Code) laws still apply; e.g., the 72-hour rule, street sweeping signs, etc. 

 **Visitors and residents should be reminded that all other CVC and TMC laws apply; e.g., the 72-hour rule, street sweeping signs, etc.



What's an Oversized Vehicle?

As defined in Ordinance No. 3686, an oversized vehicle is:

  • Any vehicle, as defined by Section 670 of the California Vehicle Code, or combination of vehicles, which exceeds twenty feet in length, seven feet in width, or eight feet in height, exclusive of projecting lights or devices allowed by Section 35109 or 35110 of the California Vehicle Code, as may be amended. 
  • Oversized Vehicle does not include pickup trucks or sport utility vehicles, which are less than twenty-five feet in length and eighty-two inches in height. 
  • ‘Trailer’ shall mean:
    • a trailer
    • semitrailer
    • camp trailer (including tent trailers)
    • unmounted camper
    • or trailer coach as defined in Sections 242, 243, 550, 630, 635, and 636 of the California Vehicle Code
    • or fifth-wheel travel trailer, as defined in Section 324 of the Vehicle Code. 


    Vist the Ordinance Page for more information regarding 'Oversized Vehicles

I park my oversized vehicle or trailer in my driveway and never on the street , do I still need a registration sticker?
No.  A registration sticker and daily paperless parking permits only apply to oversized vehicles and trailers that are parked on public streets and wish to have the entitlements of a Torrance resident (vs. visitor).

How much do Daily paperless Oversized Vehicle and Trailer parking permits cost?
City Council RESOLUTION 2006-99, adopted on December 19, 2006 sets the fees for daily paperless permits.  Fees are associated with the registration of oversized vehicles and trailer and daily paperless parking permits.

Where do I get a registration sticker? How much does registration cost?
Registration Stickers are available at the Community Development Department (CDD).  Residents  must fill out an Oversized Vehicle/Trailer Resident's Application, provide proof of residency (i.e. California Driver License, utility bill, and vehicle registration) and pay a $25 one-time non-transferable fee per vehicle.

How do I contact the Community Development Department?
By phone at (310) 618-5929 or at City Hall, 3031 Torrance Boulevard

What is the number I call at the City to activate my daily paperless parking permits?
(310) 618-5636 - Torrance Police Department. This phone line will become effective starting July 1, 2007.

How long are my daily paperless parking permits good for? 
An oversized vehicle/trailer daily paperless parking permit is valid from 12:00 p.m. one day until 11:59 a.m. the next day for a period not to exceed 24 hours.  A resident may request no more than 3 consecutive daily paperless parking permits. 

What do I do when I have a visitor with an Oversized Vehicle or Trailer? 
First, complete the Oversized Vehicle/Trailer Visitor's Application, available online,  at the Community Development Department and at the Torrance Police Department, with both the Torrance resident information (signed by hosting resident) and visiting vehicle information.  The completed application and the $15 per day visitor parking permit fee must be paid to the Community Development Department or the Torrance Police Department prior to calling the Torrance Police Department at (310) 618-5636 to activate the daily paperless parking permits.