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Welcome to the Torrance Airport WebTrak internet flight tracking system.  WebTrak will allow you to watch the movement of flights and air traffic patterns in the vicinity of Torrance Airport.  You will also be able to see noise readings generated by flights as they register on our noise monitors and will be able to submit complaints directly into the noise system. 
Please be advised that the noise levels shown on the WebTrak screen represent the Leq, not the Lmax.  Leq is a short-duration cumulative exposure which changes over the time period measured.   The Lmax is an instantaneous, static, maximum value for the whole event and does not change each second like the current 1 second Leq display on the monitor.  The Leq can register as a higher noise level than the actual Lmax.  Noise code violations are based on the Lmax.

When looking at the WebTrak display, “Real time” data is viewed in the Live Mode, and is delayed by approximately 20 minutes for aviation security and data processing.  You can also view historical data in the Replay Mode for up to 90 days in the past.

To begin using the system, look at the tabs in the upper left corner of the WebTrak site.  "Start Here", "Legend", and "Help" should help you to understand the capabilities and use of WebTrak.

The system went live Wednesday, February 12, 2014.

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