Capital Improvement Projects

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Construction Phase

186th Street Improvements at Columbia Park, I-140; 184th Street and Bailey Drive Storm Drain Improvements, I-140; Purche Avenue Storm Drain Project, I-145; and Torrance Boulevard Catch Basin Addition, T-43/44

Anza Ave Rehab I-144 (190th to Del Amo)

Citywide Sidewalk Ramping and Grinding Program (FY2017-18), I-152

Downtown Torrance Active Transportation Improvement Project, I-135

Residential Street Rehabilitation (177th Street), I-94

Hawthorne Crenshaw Water Main Replacement, I-153

Torrance Transit Park and Ride Regional Terminal, FEAP 764

Traffic Signal Left Turn Phasing Upgrades, T-128 (Phase IIB)

Bidding Phase

2018 Residential Slurry Seal Program, I-159 and Arterial Street Pavement Sealing Program, I-139

Downtown Torrance Pedestrian Improvement, T-115

Palos Verdes Blvd Underground Street Lights I-156, Phase 2 & 3

Sidewalk Repair for Handicap Access CDBG FY18-19 I-135

Design Phase

Anza Ave Rehab I-144 (Del Amo to Sepulveda)

Crenshaw Blvd Rehabilitation (182nd St to Redondo Beach Blvd), I-147

Hawthorne Blvd Project, T-45

Hawthorne Crenshaw Water Main Replacement, I-153

Misc Sewer Main Improvements CIPI-61.I-149

North Torrance Well Field Project, Phase III

Pacific Coast Highway and Hawthorne Project, T-131

Pacific Coast Highway at Vista Montana/Anza Avenue Intersection Improvements, T-154

Prairie Avenue Bridge Rehabilitation, I-148 (BNSF Railroad)

Residential Street Rehabilitation (Area A), I-94

Torrance Airport Storm Water Infiltration Project, I-174

Walnut Stormwater Capture and Groundwater Replenishment Basin Project, I-173

Yukon Avenue Pump Station Upgrade, I-151

Completed Projects