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Mayor and Council Special Recognition

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The City of Torrance takes pride in recognizing citizens for their hard work and dedication the community. The Jared Sidney Torrance Award and the Citizen of the Year award were established to thank them for their commitment to making Torrance a better place to live, work, and play.


The Mayor and City Council are pleased to issue official proclamations from the City of Torrance to honor or recognize a person or an event that reflects special occasions or outstanding accomplishments in the lives of Torrance residents. The Mayor and City Council's issuance of a proclamation does not constitute an endorsement.

To request a proclamation, please review the Proclamation Application Instructions.

City Council Adjournments

If you are interested in submitting a request for the Torrance City Council to adjourn in memory of a City employee, retiree, prominent legislative or community member, please review the City Council Memorial Adjournment Request.