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K9 Unit

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The Torrance Police Department K-9 Program is a vital link in providing effective and safe service to the community.  Started in 1981 with five K-9's and their specially trained handlers, the K-9 Program is a unique and essential part of our law enforcement effort.  The mission of the K-9 Detail is to assist field operations by utilizing K-9s when their special skills and qualities would make an incident safer or more efficient.

The primary function of the K-9 unit is locating and apprehending felony suspects and evidence.  K-9 teams offer an added dimension to apprehending violators and suppressing crime.  The K-9's can be used during building searches, perimeter (yard-to-yard) searches and narcotic searches.  A major benefit of the K-9 unit is its ability to locate suspects without unnecessarily exposing officers to danger.

One of the K-9s is cross-trained in the detection of narcotics and is used regularly for that purpose.  When not engaged in their primary duties, the K-9 and the handling officer perform regular Patrol functions.  At times, the K-9 teams are requested to respond and assist our neighboring police agencies with K-9 related matters.  K-9 units from neighboring jurisdictions frequently assist one another and cross train with each other.  This provides the continuity of performance that is essential to effective service.

In addition to their field duties, K-9 teams are routinely requested for demonstrations at Neighborhood Watch meetings, safety fairs, school events, and various types of community gatherings.  This builds community support and the interaction necessary for a good relationship.  The business community has been very supportive and donated the resources for the purchase and maintenance of one of the Department K-9s.  The Department is grateful for the support and strives to ensure that the K-9 detail will fulfill its commitment in a way that serves the entire community.