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Focus Based Policing

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Focus Based Policing is a distinct management philosophy based upon the need for continuous performance improvement (employee development) and a general dissatisfaction with the status quo.  Our belief and approach is simply "things can always be done better throughout the entire organization."

At the management level there is a wide distribution of authority and accountability.  Our Focus Based Policing philosophy empowers area commanders and division commanders to look for opportunities to address crime problems, quality of life issues and unexpected challenges in conjunction with their everyday responsibilities.  We are promoting fresh thinking and creativity by pushing down the organization chart and distributing power to the line level officers.  This philosophy has enabled our managers to formulate and assess new methods and approaches to not only how we police, but how we handle routine tasks.  This has truly expanded our outlook on the future of policing in the city of Torrance.  

The proven benefits of Focus Based Policing that we have experienced include:

  • Mission and vision clarification
  • Enhanced service to the community
  • Results oriented with a focus on outcomes rather than outputs
  • Resource flexibility
  • Focus on problem solving and relentless follow-up
  • Information exchange drives decision making
  • Employee growth and development