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Your Rights During the Exam Process - Civil Service

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The Civil Service system seeks to give everyone a fair chance at a job. All permanent jobs are publicly announced and applications are accepted until a specified date or until a maximum number are submitted. The announcement lists the minimum requirements for the job and other conditions that must be met by the applicants. All Civil Service systems follow procedures such as these, however, each agency develops its own rules and regulations.


The Civil Service Commission is a seven-member governing body with authority over Civil Service positions. The Commission approves testing plans to fill positions for City employment; reviews new and revised classifications (job descriptions); and serves as an appellant board on matters regarding the employee selection process, examinations, hiring (eligible) lists, appeals of below standard performance evaluations, and disciplinary actions. A sub-committee of the Commission, the Employee Relations Committee assigns newly created positions to employee representation units.

For more information on the Civil Service Commission, click here.

BANNEER - COMMON QUESTIONSQ. What can I review and/or protest during the exam process?

As part of the examination process for Civil Service positions, candidates have the right to review and/or protest certain testing components. This does not pertain to non-Civil Service positions. Download the Candidates Rights to learn more.

Q. How can I submit a protest?

The guidelines for submitting a protest vary on the type of protest: 1) Multiple Choice Written Tests, 2) Writing Exercise, Essay, Oral Interview, or Performance Exam, and/or the 3) Eligibility List. Each protest also has its own procedures and deadlines. Download the Examination and Eligibility List Protest Procedures to learn more about submitting your specific protest.

Click here if filing a Multiple Choice Written Examination Protest. 

Click here if filing a Writing Exercise, Essay, Oral Interview, or Performance Examination Protest.

Q. Can't make it to your scheduled test date?

Because of the need to fill vacancies as quickly as possible, there are not many opportunities for rescheduling examinations; however, special consideration can be made to those applicants who are unavailable for examination due to special circumstances. Download the Special Administration Of Examination Policy to learn more.

Click here if filing a request for the Special Administration of an examination. 

Q. Are you a Veteran? 

Veterans who are discharged under honorable conditions and certain other individuals who earn a passing grade on an open competitive exam may be eligible to receive an additional ten (10) percent of their score added to their final score. Download the Veterans Preference Policy to learn more.

If you still have questions, you should contact the Civil Service Office at (310) 618-2915 or by email at JobInfo@TorranceCA.Gov.