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Home Hazards

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Check List of Fire Hazards In and Around Your Home.


  1. Are matches and lighters kept out of the reach of small children?
  2. Is smoking in bed or when sleepy outlawed in your home?
  3. Are there plenty of ashtrays in areas where smoking is done?
  4. Are you careful not to smoke near flammable liquids, i.e. gasoline, hair spray, paint, etc?
  5. Do you check your overstuffed furniture after a party?

Flammable Liquids

  1. Do you strongly prohibit using flammable liquids to start or freshen a fire or bar-b-que in your home?
  2. If you must have flammable liquids around, do you keep them in metal containers (never glass) and kept away from sources of ignition?
  3. Do you make it a rule never to use gasoline as a cleaning fluid?
  4. If you do use flammable liquids, do you use them outside and away from flames, sparks, lighted tobacco, or pilot lights?

Heating and Cooking Equipment

  1. Is your heating and cooking equipment, flues and chimney checked at regular intervals for blockage or broken pipes?
  2. Do you check your furnace and chimney to be sure they don't overheat, especially in very cold weather when furnaces work overtime?
  3. If you have a fireplace, is there a screen always in front of it?
  4. Is you wood stored away from windows and doors?
  5. If you have electric or gas appliances in your garage, are they 18" off the floor?
  6. Do you store your charcoal briquettes in a metal container with a lid?


  1. Are there enough electrical outlets to take care of appliances without the use of adapters?
  2. Are frayed electrical cords or broken plugs repaired before using?
  3. When buying electrical appliances, do you look for the Underwriters Laboratories mark of approval?
  4. Are you careful not to run extension cords under rugs or hood cords over nails?
  5. If you have a smoke detector, do you check or test it?


  1. Do you dispose of rubbish daily?
  2. Are oily rags kept in a tight, closed metal container?
  3. Are ashes from any fireplace removed outside and watered in a metal container with a lid?
  4. Are attics, closets and other out-of-the-way places kept free of rubbish?

Exit Ways

  1. Do all your exit doors open (from inside) without the use of a key?
  2. Do all windows open wide enough for you to exit through them?
  3. Are your exit ways clear of extra obstacles?