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Holiday Safety

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The Torrance Fire Department hopes you have a safe Holiday Season. Here are a few recommendations to keep your home fire safe during the Holidays.

Your Natural Tree and Lighting

  • Don't buy a tree with shedding needles or brittle branches. Color and scent may be sprayed on to look fresh.
  • Diagonally cut 1" off trunk. Stand tree in a well-supported container of water. Keep tree moist and away from heat (fireplaces), exits and curtains. Inspect needles and check water level daily.
  • Don't operate electrical toys under tree.
  • Use only U.L. approved electric lighting and replace any frayed cords. Don't overload sockets. Unplug from wall before going to bed or leaving home.
  • When needles start to fall, discard tree.

Your Plastic or Aluminum Tree and Lighting

  • Tree should be fire-retardant rated by Underwriters Laboratory (U.L.).
  • Don't hang electric lights on a metallic tree. Use colored spotlight.
  • Keep tree away from heat, exits and curtains.


  • Use non-leaded tinsel and icicles. Don't use ornaments that resemble candy or food, which children may swallow.
  • Use non-flammable decorations and candleholders. Keep candles away from paper, evergreens and where they can be tipped over.

Outdoor Lighting

  • Should be weatherproofed and not indoor type.
  • Follow rules for tree lighting. Don't use more than three sets per extension cord.
  • Fasten securely to firm support against wind damage. Use Christmas light clips.
  • Remove lights when season is over.


  • Don't smoke near decorations or tree.
  • Don't burn evergreen or wrapping paper in fireplace.

IN CASE OF FIRE - leave your home in an orderly manner and call the fire department immediately from a neighbor's home or business.