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A children’s guide to Africanized honey bees.

It is different from our bees:

  1. It is more protective of its home;
  2. It becomes angry easier;
  3. It chases you further; and
  4. It stays angry longer.

If you find a bee's home:

  1. Walk away; and
  2. Tell your parents or teacher.

Don't make bees angry:

  1. Stay away from a bee's home; and
  2. Don't throw rocks or other objects at a bee's home.

If you are chased by bees:

  1. RUN AWAY from the bees;
  2. COVER your face and eyes with clothes or hands; and
  3. HIDE inside a house or car.

If you are stung by a bee:

  1. Scrape out the stinger, don't squeeze; and
  2. Tell your parents or another adult.

For Bee removal please see Publicworks: Bee Removal