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General Preparedness

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preparednessGood planning leads to good response. The City of Torrance's emergency preparedness programs enable emergency personnel to rapidly identify, evaluate, and react to a wide spectrum of emergencies, including those arising from terrorism or natural events such as earthquakes.  The City has developed a comprehensive emergency plan details each department's role in an emergency.  Routinely, City personnel receive training and participate in disaster exercises to ensure an effective and efficient response to a disaster.

Just as the City is making every effort to ensure the safety of its residents, individuals and families are strongly encouraged to develop a plan to ensure their safety in times of emergency.  They should incorporate into that plan an effective means of communication, prepare a portable reserve of emergency supplies that will last at least five days (see list below), and take a proactive stance to learn more about the types of emergencies or hazards that they might encounter where they live and work.