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NPDES Contacts

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City of Torrance NPDES Contacts

For questions about Hazardous Materials: 310-618-2973
For questions about the NPDES inspection program: 310-781-7643.
To notify the city about illegal dumping into the storm drain: 310-618-5929 or 310-781-7042
To review NPDES inspection forms and files: 310-618-2870
To report a clogged storm drain: 310-781-6900

State Water Resources Control Board Contacts

Stormwater Permitting:
Industrial Storm water questions: (916) 341-5538
Municipal Storm water questions: (916) 341-5539

Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Control Board Contacts

Stormwater Compliance and Enforcement: Nerissa Schrader P.E. (213) 620-2237