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Requirements for Fire Protection Company Certification

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If you plan on conducting business in the City of Torrance, the Torrance Fire Department Community Risk Reduction Division requires verification of credentials and certifications before any business is conducted within the City. Community Risk Reduction will need documentation of the requirements listed below, if applicable to your business, prior to approval of your business license:

  • Legible, Clear Copy of C-16 License [Required for Fire Sprinkler Service Companies]
  • Legible, Clear Copy of C-10 License [Required for Fire Alarm Service Companies]
  • Electrician Certificate [Required for Fire Alarm Service Companies]
  • E-License (from main contractor) [Required for Fire Extinguisher Service Companies]
  • EE-License (from employees or subcontractors) [Required for Fire Extinguisher Service Companies]
  • CSFM Portable Fire Extinguisher Servicing E Concern License
  • CSFM Certificate of Registration. Include a photocopy (both sides) of the C of R for each employee / technician working in the City.
  • Certificate of Liability Insurance Binder (Copy as required by Title 19, Section 595.14)
  • Proof of Workman's Compensation Insurances
  • Payment of Applicable Fees

Upon verification of the above documentation, your business license will be mailed to you. You may NOT conduct business in the City of Torrance until you, or your business, are in possession of a valid license. Please have this license on your person(s) when visiting Torrance businesses. If you have any questions regarding the requirements, you may contact us at 310.618.2973 before submission of your documents. We appreciate your cooperation in this matter. This enables us to further enhance quality business practices within our city.