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Association of Public-Safety Officials, Inc. - - Influences public safety communications decisions of government and industry and fosters the development and use of technology for the benefit of the public; authorized by the FCC to act as a radio spectrum frequency coordinator for government agencies.

California Office of Privacy Protection - - State agency dedicated to promoting and protecting the privacy rights of consumers. Its mission is to identify consumer problems in the privacy area and encourage the development of fair information practices

California Public Utilities Commission - - Regulates privately owned electric, telecommunications (i.e., area code splits, telephone charges), natural gas, water and transportation companies.

Federal Aviation Administration - - Issues and enforces regulations and minimum standards regarding aircraft, usage of airspace (i.e., lighting and painting radio towers), and air traffic control facilities.

Federal Communications Commission - - Regulates interstate and international communications by radio (i.e., Police and Fire radio licenses), television (i.e., broadcast stations), wire (i.e., telephone service providers), satellite and cable.

Federal Trade Commission - - The nation's consumer protection agency.

National Do Not Call Registry - - Managed by the Federal Trade Commission to make it easier and more efficient for citizens to register online and stop getting unwanted telemarketing calls.

Occupational Safety & Health Administration - - Assures the safety and health of workers by setting and enforcing standards, providing training, outreach, and education, establishing partnerships, and encouraging continual improvement in workplace safety and health.

SafeGuarding Computer Information - - The Federal Trade Commission has created this website for consumers and businesses as a source of information about computer security and safeguarding personal information.