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  • CIT

    • Can I keep my phone number even if I change telephone carriers?

    • Do I have to register my wireless (cellular) phone to block telemarketing calls?

    • Does the City of Torrance have any free, public wireless Internet access points (aka hotspots)?

    • During renewal time how long will it take to receive my current business license?

    • How do I file a complaint if I was the victim of "slamming"?

    • What can I do to stop getting telemarketing calls on my home phone?

    • What can I do to stop SPAM on my wireless phone or pager?

    • What is the status of the Southern California area code splits and overlays?

    • Where can I file a complaint about a radio broadcaster?

    • Where can I find listings for the City of Torrance Police and Fire radio frequencies?

    • Where do I file a complaint about radio frequency interference on my television?