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Stormwater Basins

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A stormwater basin, also known as a sump, is a reservoir that acts as a collection area for storm water overflow. Torrance has several sumps that encompass fairly large areas that can be used to simulate a variety of outdoor venues including open fields, marshes or countryside paths. The advantage of using one of these locations is the size and flexibility of usage. These sumps are large enough for all your parking and equipment storage needs. Also, with proper notification, special effects are not a problem.

Costs include a per day fee which includes the use of the property, a City liaison, a safety officer (if required), your film permit, and processing. Extra fees may apply if additional City staffing is required. For more information, please contact the City of Torrance Special Events and Filming Office at (310) 618-5880.

Amie Sump

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Bishop Montgomery

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Bishop_Sump_(8) Bishop_Sump_(4) Bishop_Sump_(6)


Henrietta Sump

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