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Students and Government Day

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SAG logoStudents and Government Day was created to assist Torrance students in the 8th grade in developing an effective civics education. Students who recognize and understand how local government works become more informed and involved citizens and voters. By participating in Students and Government Day, students learn the roles of the City Council and city staff by conducting a portion of a City Council meeting, learning the mechanics of self-governance, and participating at the local level.


Students and Government Day helps students to:

  • Develop an understanding of local city government
  • Promote participation in community affairs
  • Demonstrate that local government can and does affect our lives
  • Emphasize that we can effect change at the local level

The City of Torrance planned to host the 14th annual Students and Government Day on May 5, 2020. Due to the precautions taken regarding COVID-19, the program had to be canceled.

While the event will not take place for 2020, the City would still like to congratulate the students who were selected as this year’s Students and Government Day class.

To participate, 8th grade students from Torrance schools answered the following prompt: “Successful communities thrive on civic engagement. Develop a plan where families of all abilities can volunteer together to make Torrance a better place to live, work, and play. How would you implement this plan? How will it benefit our community?”

With 909 essays submitted, the selection committee narrowed them down to these 21 students from schools across Torrance:

·       Edward Afidchao, Magruder Middle School

·       Dove Burkhalter-Lopez, Riviera Hall Lutheran School

·       Molly Chen, Madrona Middle School

·       Aspen Cordromp, First Lutheran School

·       Wagdy Ekladious, Bert Lynn Middle School

·       Jedrick Espiritu, J.H. Hull Middle School

·       Alyssa Hsiao, J.H. Hill Middle School

·       Chloe Hwang, Richardson Middle School

·       Darren Kawazoe, Jefferson Middle School

·       Daniel Lemus, St. Catherine Laboure

·       Alexa Rose Liwag, Nativity Catholic School

·       Erin Alexis Louie, Casimir Middle School

·       Kalie MacKenzie, Jefferson Middle School

·       Phoebe McClain, Calle Mayor Middle School

·       Angelica Mejia, Magruder Middle School

·       Joaquin Miranda, Calle Mayor Middle School

·       Maggie O’Dowd, St. James Catholic School

·       Javeralyn Quezada, J.H. Hull Middle School

·       Kristen Sayano, Jefferson Middle School

·       Nikolas Wolfgang Suelzle, Calle Mayor Middle School

·       Vivian Yokoyama, Magruder Middle School

Themes from this year’s essays included ideas to help the elderly and disabled persons with services such as grocery delivery or transportation; community garden programs with an emphasis on education for new gardeners or gardens to help provide food to people experiencing homelessness; and community clean-up events. Other ideas were for more theatrical, cultural, or art events; environmental activities; pet-related activities to support animal shelters and the creation of a dog park in Torrance.

The City of Torrance is proud to be home to so many creative and thoughtful young community members! We thank all the students who submitted essays, as well as their parents, teachers, principals and school personnel who help make this program possible. And thank you to the selection committee for all their efforts in support of Students and Government Day.

For more information, please contact John Jones at (310) 618-2937 or via email at JJones@TorranceCA.Gov.

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