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Special Events Site Plan and Parking Requirements

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Scaled Plan

1. A scaled plan drawing shall be provided for any special event location. The illustration can be hand-drawn to approximate scale or computer-drafted.

2. The scaled plan should include streets, affected buildings, affected trees or landscape, and any barricades or fencing.

3. The scaled plan should also include the location of the production headquarters, signs, any equipment trucks, food service, or catering trucks, generators (or other sources of electricity), portable toilets, any additional trash cans, as well as any other large equipment or temporary structures that may lie in the public right-of-way.

4. If the project is likely to affect public right-of-way traffic, the scaled plan should also include alternative public routes. The traffic control plan should be prepared per City standards for any proposed special event activity that needs street closure, whether it is a full or half closure. City review and approval of the plan is required.

Parking Requirements

1. It is understood that special event production requires ample parking near the event location. The SEFO will attempt to work with production companies in an effort to meet both the needs of the crews, as well as Torrance residents.

2. All vehicles must be visibly labeled as part of the production company.

3. The City's parking regulations will be enforced as posted. Fines and towing will be enforced for violators.

4. Food service and catering trucks must be parked on private property unless otherwise permitted by the City. Cars, tables and other obstructions may not be placed in the public right-of-way or on sidewalks.

5. Production companies that seek waivers for posted parking restrictions may apply for relief to the Torrance Police Department. Arrangements for special parking must be made at the time of the application.

6. Posting of "No Parking" signs is the responsibility of the production company and must be posted 72 hours in advance of restriction. These signs must include the day, date and time of the parking restriction. Signs must also be removed and disposed of by the film company at the end of production.