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Special Event Applications

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Application Requirements

 1. The amount of time required to review and approve a special event permit may vary. It is recommended that Applicants submit their completed forms 6-12 weeks prior to the start of special event activity to ensure timely issuance of permits.
2. If event activities will take place in the public right of way or potentially have a public impact or pose potential hazards, it is recommended that Applicants submit their completed forms at least 12 weeks in advance unless prior arrangement is made.
3. All Special Event Permit Applications must be signed and dated. An Applicant may sign and date a form upon arriving in the SEFO in person if the form has been submitted online. Once a Special Event Permit Application is submitted to the SEFO, the Applicant will be advised on how to move forward with the Authorization Form.
4. Once the Authorization Form is completed, all Applicants must submit the form to the City Manager (or his designee in the SEFO) for final approval. Permits without City Manager or designee approval will be considered incomplete.
5. The process for approving a permit in a densely populated location involves additional review and approval criteria based upon the real or perceived impact to the area. The SEFO retains the right to reject a permit to prevent or mitigate neighborhood fatigue.
6. Additional requirements and regulations may be implemented for specific permit applications at the discretion of the SEFO.
7. The SEFO retains the right to cancel a permit for any violation of the established conditions.

Download the Special Event Application, instructions and insurance requirements