PurpleAir Sensors

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Torrance Air is looking for volunteers to host a PurpleAir Sensor!

PurpleAir SensorAre you interested in knowing what is in the air you are breathing? By hosting a PurpleAir sensor at your home, you will be able to monitor the air quality in your neighborhood in real-time and share the results with your community.

What is a PurpleAir sensor? It is a small device about the size of a softball that measures particle pollution in the air – the kind of pollution from vehicle exhaust, smoke, and some industrial activities.


Map of air quality sensors throughout TorranceWhat is involved in hosting a PurpleAir sensor?

Hosts will receive a free PurpleAir sensor to measure their air quality for 18 months during this study. When the study is over, hosts can keep the sensor.

Ideally, host sites will be at Torrance homes or businesses in the locations shaded in gold on the map to the right.

Host sites must have:

  • A secure, outdoor location to mount the sensor
  • A standard electrical outlet to plug in the sensor (note: you should not see a noticeable increase in your electricity bill)
  • A reliable Wi-Fi signal to transmit the data

Training will be provided on how to install the sensors and explore the data. Learn more about the sensors at



Email by May 27 to learn how you could receive a free PurpleAir sensor.


The South Coast Air Quality Management District is sponsoring the Torrance Air project to monitor air quality in
Torrance from 2019 through 2021. A few types of monitors are being used to measure a range of pollutants,
including conventional “point” community monitors, open-path fenceline monitors at Torrance Refinery, and
portable PurpleAir particulate matter (PM) sensors. The data collected from these monitors will be accessible to
the community at