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The South Coast air Quality Management District is sponsoring a project to monitor air quality in Torrance from 2019 through 2021.

What is being monitored?     Torrance Air

  • Criteria Pollutants
  • Volatile Organic Compounds
  • Carcinogenic Air Pollutants
  • Non-Carcinogenic Air Toxins, including HF
  • Other Pollutants


How do I access the data?

Visit to view the up-to-date readings from the monitors. 

The data collected will also inform Torrance's public emergency response systems operated by the City of Torrance.


Torrance Air will launch Thursday, October 31st with data collected from North High School and Elm Avenue monitoring sites.

Torrance Refinery's complete fenceline monitoring system will be available January 2020 as required by South Coast AQMD Rule 1180. A link to the Torrance Refinery Fenceline Monitors will be provided upon the launch of the system.


Torrance Air MonitorsAir Monitoring Locations
  • North Torrance High School
  • West Torrance High School
  • 1001 Elm Avenue
  • Guenser Park (Site Subject to Approval)


The image to the right includes four Torrance Air Monitoring locations as well as Fenceline Monitors that border the north of the Torrance Refinery, and possible locations for smaller sensors.


About the Monitors

Torrance Air will utilize readings from three types of monitors : Fenceline Monitors, Community Monitors, and Small Sensors.

Fenceline Monitors


Fenceline Monitors

The Fenceline Monitors use varying frequencies of light to measure the average concentration of pollutants along a path of about 500 meters. They will be located along the north edge of the Torrance Refinery and will be providing new data every five minutes. 




Community Monitors

Community Monitors

The Community Monitors will use point analyzers t measure the concentration of pollutants at one point in space.  These monitors will be located at two schools, a City park, and a City property on Elm Avenue.


Small Sensors




Small Sensors

These sensors will use low-costing small laser particle counters to measure the concentration of particulate matter at one point in space. These sensors will be dispersed throughout the City of Torrance.


Who is Managing These Monitors?

The Torrance Air Monitoring network is being managed by Sonoma Technology, a team of scientists with more than 35 years of experience in the field of air monitoring and data analysis. This project is being implemented at the direction of the South Coast Air Quality District (RFP #P2017-06).


Community Meetings Related to Torrance Air Project

February 19, 2020

Watch February 19, 2020 Meeting