Reporting Suspected Fraud

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All employees within the City of Torrance have a responsibility to report suspected fraud within the City.  Employees include volunteers, consultants, vendors, contractors, outside agencies, and/or any other parties with a business relationship with the City of Torrance.   

Fraud is a dishonest or deliberate course of action that results in the obtaining of money, property, or an advantage to which City employees or an official committing the action would not normally be entitled. Intentional misleading or deceitful conduct that deprives the City of its resources or rights.

To assist you, the Internal Audit Services department maintains an online complaint form.  You have the option of reporting anonymously by not providing your name or include just your email or phone so we can contact you if information is required.  City policy prohibits retaliation for reporting suspected fraud and wrongdoing.

We do not confirm or deny the existence of any complaint or investigations, and we do not provide updates on the status of complaints. We will not contact you unless we need additional information.  

Submit complaint by mail using standard Suspected Fraud Complaint Form

Submit complaint by Online Suspected Fraud Complaint Form