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2019 Summer Internship Program - Department Projects

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Below is a list of all participating departments and brief descriptions of their projects. Click on the department's name to access its website!

Communications and Information Technology

Project Overview: The CIT department has a project for an intern to learn about a broad range of city services and how information and technology systems are used to run the “business” of government.

CIT has recently implemented an organization-wide software application for managing many types of information such as citizen service requests, permits, licenses and repairs on City-owned assets.  The intern will assist with the implementation of a new GIS module for the system.  In this project, you will be able to work directly with a project manager to learn about the various stages of project management for a system implementation, as well as use of GIS with other web-based software.

Another aspect of the CIT department project is to manage various city owned assets used to deliver city services such as streets, traffic signals, sewer lines, parks, radios, and telephones.  The intern working with this department will assist with collecting data, tracking data, and developing reports.  In this project, you will learn how this information will be used to analyze short and long term maintenance costs, and plan for budget requests to support services that require replacement. 

Community Development

Project Overview: The Community Development Department project entails researching the City’s electronic permit data system, collecting data, and preparing a spreadsheet report to track Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) building permit applications. This data can be used as a policy analysis tool, to assist the City Council and Planning Commission in policy formation, and to monitor housing trends. The intern will aid in the preparation of formal reports such as the Housing Element Annual Progress Report submitted annually to State Housing and Community Development Department.  After this summer, you will leave with a better understanding of city planning responsibilities and procedures.

Community Services

Project Overview: The Community Services Department has five divisions, 2 of which deal with the parks and booking of parks and facilities. The Department is seeking to update its website to ensure that the correct information is available to residents, and that information is available specific to the amenities located at each park. The focus of this project is to update the Park and Facility Booking webpages with current pictures and information that will be used for web content.  The intern will take photos, collect information about services, check the accuracy of hyperlinks, and post to the website.  The goal of this project is to have current information and design easy to navigate pages for residents.  You will learn about Park Services and Facility Booking, and how it fits in with the department, how to design and post webpages, and the value of current information on the website.


Project Overview: The Finance Department is responsible for the financial administration of the City including accounting, budgeting, purchasing and auditing. The uniform occupancy tax provides funding for essential services to the community. The City of Torrance is responsible for the collection of these taxes and has established a team dedicated to providing audits and compliance services.

The intern will work under the Finance Department’s Audit Division to create a database for the Uniform Occupancy Tax reported to the city on a monthly and quarterly basis. The project is an opportunity to build a database, analyze the information and report their findings.  Another assignment area will the conversion of paper audits into electronic files.  After the summer, you will learn about the City’s financial responsibilities and operations, and gain hands on experience surrounding databases and general analytical techniques.

General Services - Fleet Services

Project Overview: The Fleet Services Division of the General Services Department has multiple projects for the intern to gain hands on experience. This internship will provide you with the opportunity to conduct research, create reports, analyze data and formulate program recommendations. You will also gain experience in project management from development, execution and resolution.

The Fleet Services Division is creating a Green Fleet Action Plan that guides initiatives aimed at reducing the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions of the City’s fleet of vehicles and equipment. You will assist in conducting a Vehicle and Equipment Audit and Utilization Study. Additionally, you will aid in developing and implementing an inventory replenishment system for the City Warehouse. 

Human Resources

Project Overview: The mission of the Human Resources Division is to attract, develop, and retain an exceptional workforce in partnership with all city departments. The intern will assist with recruiting, employee recognition and career development programs.   This summer’s intern will research Employee Recognition Programs. The Employee Recognition Program is designed to motivate, recognize and reward employees who go the "extra mile" and are dedicated to providing the best service to the citizens of Torrance.

The Human Resources Division is also interested in developing a career fair that features career development and the opportunities to explore different career paths. The intern will aid in this effort by assisting in the planning and marketing of the first career fair that will be held at the city campus. This internship is designed to be both educational and practical while providing hands on exposure to human resources operations.

Office of Emergency Services

Project Overview: The Office of Emergency Services coordinates and collaborates with City departments, community organizations, and private businesses for disaster preparedness and emergencies. 

The Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) program educates volunteers about disaster preparedness for the hazards that may impact their area and trains them in basic disaster response skills, such as fire safety, light search and rescue, team organization, and disaster medical operations. CERT offers a consistent, nationwide approach to volunteer training and organization that professional responders can rely on during disaster situations, which allows them to focus on more complex tasks.

The intern will be involved with assisting with the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) and Alternate Emergency Operations Center (AEOC) operational readiness; enhancement of the CERT program and training manual; and maintaining social media to bring awareness to the community at large. 

If you have questions regarding any of the participating departments and/or their projects, please call 310.618.2967.