Proposed District Map Submissions

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This interactive review map shows the 28 proposed district map submissions. 

Directions for Interactive Review Map:

In the top left, next to the map title, you will find "+" and "-" buttons that you can use to zoom in and out on the map. Or you can click anywhere on the map, keep holding your mouse button down, and drag the map up, down or from side to side. You can also enter an address or a location name in the search box to zoom to that location.

In the "Layers" box that will appear in the top right, you can choose to view any of the current Draft maps, the PopUnit lines, the Census Block lines, the PopUnit population counts or ID numbers, and/or the Census Blocks where current Council Members reside by checking or unchecking the boxes. 

You can also use the up-arrow and down-arrow buttons in the "Layers"  box in the top right to change the underlying base map from the street map default to a topographical map or a satellite view (or back to a street map).

The City of Torrance 2018 Districting Maps Summary Table:

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