Aurelio Mattucci, Councilmember

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 Mattucci, Aurelio - 2018(2) - Headshot3031 Torrance Blvd.
  Torrance, CA 90503
  Phone:   (310) 618-2801
 Fax: (310) 618-5841

Aurelio Mattucci was elected to the City Council on June 5, 2018. He currently serves as the Chair of the Transportation Committee, and also as a member of both the Strategic Plan Committee and Citizen Development and Enrichment Committee.

Prior to his Council appointment, Aurelio served as Vice Chair of the Social Services Commission and as a Board Member of the Torrance Rose Float Association. He has been an active participant in the community as a Torrance Police Department Neighborhood Watch Captain, Founder of the Unified Small Business Alliance, and food bank volunteer.

Aurelio has been a Torrance Resident since 1977. He and his wife Celeste share a son, Giuseppe.