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To obtain a copy of a Bid or RFP, call the Bid/RFP hotline: 310-781-7530

ALL Bid and RFP submittals MUST be received in the Office of the City Clerk, 3031 Torrance Blvd.; at the submission time listed on the material.

Bids will be opened in the Council Chamber, located at the above address, 15 minutes after the submission time.

RFP submittals received at the indicated time on the material will be forwarded, unopened to the issuing department. RFP's are not public until awarded.

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RFP NumberTitleStartingClosingStatus
B2019-01Bid for Renovation of the Greenroom and Cast Restroom ADA Upgrade in the James Armstrong TheatreNEW!11/16/2018 3:00 PM02/06/2019 3:00 PMOpen
B2019-02Bid for Construction of Additional Restrooms at the George Nakano TheatreNEW!11/16/2018 3:00 PM02/20/2019Open
RFP B2018-46Request for Proposal to Provide Banking ServicesNEW!11/15/2018 9:00 AM01/14/2019 3:00 PMOpen
B2018-45Bid for Interior Painting at the Bartlett Senior Citizen Center10/25/2018 12:00 PM12/12/2018 3:00 PMOpen
B2018-43Bid for Construction of Citywide Sidewalk Ramping and Grinding Program, I-152 (FY2018-19)10/22/2018 9:00 AM11/14/2018 3:00 PMClosed
B2018-44Bid to Furnish Custodial Paper Goods for a Period of Three (3) Years10/15/2018 3:00 PM11/07/2018 3:00 PMClosed
RFP B2018-42Request for Proposal for Torrance Civic Center Fireworks Show10/01/2018 3:00 PM11/05/2018 3:00 PMClosed
B2018-40Bid for Construction of Undergrounding of Overhead Utilities and Installation of Underground Street Lights Along Palos Verdes Boulevard, I-156 (Phases 2 & 3)(Sepulveda Boulevard to Lenore Street)09/20/2018 3:00 PM10/24/2018 3:00 PMClosed
RFP B2018-41Request for Proposal for Engineering Design Services for the Yukon Avenue Pump Station Upgrade, I-15109/20/2018 3:00 PM10/29/2018 3:00 PMClosed
RFP B2018-36Request for Proposal for Design Build Replacement of Lubricant Storage & Dispensing and Waste Oil Collection of Storage Systems - Transit09/05/2018 12:00 PM10/29/2018 3:00 PMClosed
RFP B2018-37Request for Proposal for Design Build Replacement of Lubricant Storage & Dispensing and Waste Oil Collection & Storage Systems - Fleet Services09/05/2018 12:00 PM10/29/2018 3:00 PMClosed
B2018-34Bid for Replacement of HVAC Equipment at Various Locations - City Hall, Katy Geissert Civic Center Library, West Annex, Building & Safety and the Bartlett Senior Center08/30/2018 12:00 PM10/31/2018 3:00 PMClosed
RFP B2018-35Request for Proposal for Design and Install Fire Alarm Detection System at Greenwood Park08/30/2018 12:00 PM10/22/2018 9:00 AMCanceled
B2018-33Bid to Furnish and Install Control Panel at Torrance Police Department08/27/2018 12:30 PM10/24/2018 3:00 PMClosed
RFP B2018-32Request for Proposal for Dam Inundation Mapping and Emergency Action Plan Preparation08/21/2018 3:00 PM10/22/2018 3:00 PMClosed