Campaign Finance Disclosures

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The Office of the City Clerk is the local elections office for candidates and committees involved in Torrance elections. The City Clerk is the City of Torrance’s filing officer with whom candidates and committees involved in local elections file their campaign statements by specified deadlines. Campaign finance disclosure forms are public records and are available for viewing on this website or in person at the Torrance Office of the City Clerk.

Candidates and committees must also file certain campaign statements with the Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) of California. The California Political Reform Act requires candidates and committees to file campaign statements by specified deadlines disclosing contributions received and expenditures made. These documents are public and may be audited by the FPPC to ensure that voters are fully informed and improper practices prohibited. It is the responsibility of candidates and committees to understand the rules regulating their campaigns in California.

Every candidate and committee must be aware of the filing schedules associated with their specific election. Missing a filing deadline can have serious consequences ranging from monetary penalties, failure to be listed on the ballot, or FPPC enforcement action.

The link below to the FPPC website, provides additional information about campaign rules, campaign forms, and when and where to file campaign statements.

2020 Campaign Finance Disclosures (Linked from

2018 Campaign Finance Disclosures (Linked from