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Hateful Speech / Assault Suspect Identified

Post Date:06/13/2020

On Wednesday, June 10, 2020, the Torrance Police Department was made aware through social media of an unfortunate incident that occurred at Wilson Park located at 2200 Carson Street at 7:55 AM. During the incident a female suspect is seen and heard on video yelling at the victim who was utilizing a set of stairs to workout. The suspect yelled racial slurs,profanities and threatened to have her family cause harm to the victim. Based on the conduct displayed on video, the Torrance Police Department immediately began to investigate the incident and located the victim. The victim later filed a criminal threats report at the Torrance Police Department. During the investigation, investigators discovered two additional incidents involving the same suspect.

 The second incident occurred the same morning at 9:42 AM in the parking lot of Wilson Park. As the suspect was leaving the park, she confronted the second victim. During the second incident, the female suspect verbally threatened a male victim for not parking correctly and made racial slurs. The victim later contacted the Torrance Police Department and filed a Criminal Threats report.

 The third incident occurred on October 14, 2019, at the Del Amo Mall, at 3525 Carson Street. During that incident, the female suspect was yelling and cursing at a female custodian while in the restroom. The victim observed the verbal altercation, attempted to intervene and was pushed down to the ground by the suspect. The suspect then punched the victim and left the location before security and police arrived. The incident remained as an open active case, but the suspect was not identified during the initial investigation.

 On June 11, 2020, investigators were able to identify the suspect in all three crimes. The suspect is a 54-year-old female of Long Beach. Investigators will be submitting their investigation related to all three incidents to the City Prosecutor’s office for filing consideration.The Torrance Police Department is grateful for another opportunity to collaborate with the community to identify the suspect. Public Safety is a priority in the City of Torrance, and this type of conduct will not be tolerated. The Torrance Police Department does not want to do anything to compromise the integrity of this investigation. However, there will be a press conference regarding this investigation at a time to be determined.

This investigation is being conducted under the command of Torrance Police Captain Mark Underwood of the Special Operations Bureau. Anyone with information regarding these cases is encouraged to contact the Torrance Police Department at (310) 328-3456 (DR# 200021101,200020973, 190046609).

Watch the Torrance Police Department press conference regarding the hateful speech and an assault displayed at Wilson Park and the suspect being identified.

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