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WMoF Celebrity Series: Yes, it is your daddy's Olds ... grand daddy that is

The Army, Navy and Marines were all organized/born in 1775 and 15 years later along came the Coast Guard. It wasn’t till 1947 the US Air Force was officially created. One of the most important figures in forming the USAF wasn’t even alive to see its birth. Major General Robert Olds, who died in 1943, was a flying theorist of strategic air power, and proponent of an independent United States Air Force, flew in the US Army Air Corps during World War I and over the skies of France. He is not to be confused with his son, Brig. Gen. Robin Olds, a "triple ace" fighter pilot of World War II and the Vietnam War.

This month’s WMoF Celebrity Speaker Christina Olds is author and granddaughter of Robert Olds and daughter of General Robin Olds. The USAF was created from the military vision and military traditionalism of General Robert Olds. His wisdom and integrity helped preserve American aviation preparedness for the deadly environment to come in World War II. Even facing ostracism and legal threats against his freedom, Olds held fast. Thanks to General Olds, the United States was far better prepared materially and technologically than it would have been had the naysayers prevailed against him. Fortunately, courage won out, and General Robert Olds provided much of that courage. Now, Christina Olds, author of “A Fighter Pilot” will tell us about her grandfather.

Please join us. BTW, this January event is a perfect opportunity to get your WMoF membership. Members receive one-year unlimited free admission for one to the Museum, Celebrity Lectures, Newsletter and access to the research library (includes Membership Card). Patrons will additionally have access to Special Events and will be listed in Annual publications.
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