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Bona-fide Torrance-based, non-profit groups may submit events to be included in the Torrance citywide calendar pending approval. The City of Torrance Citywide Calendar System Administrator (Office of Cable and Community Relations) is responsible for determining which events are appropriate for posting and then approving a calendar entry. The administrator also has the capability to submit the event to other calendars so that your event may be posted on more than one calendar if appropriate. Events must occur within Torrance city limits to be considered for inclusion and submitted within the categories already identified within the calendar. Upon submission, the following information should be included: How To Submit

WMoF Celebrity Series: The Dreamlifter, the World's Truck

You don’t call U-Haul when you need to move a city. You hire Dreamlifter. Boeing's Dreamlifter is the cargo version of the 747-400. It has 65,000 cubic feet, is seven stories high and can carry over 400 tons – that’s TONS. Built in 2006, there are only four in existence. Test pilot Jerry Whites, will share the saga of the development of one of the world’s most successful airliners into a massive, versatile, high capacity, cargo carrier. It’s a fascinating story, and you won’t want to miss it. Join us at Torrance Airport, with free parking,
WMoF member's are free and guests are $10. Visit us at for further details.