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Bona-fide Torrance-based, non-profit groups may submit events to be included in the Torrance citywide calendar pending approval. The City of Torrance Citywide Calendar System Administrator (Office of Cable and Community Relations) is responsible for determining which events are appropriate for posting and then approving a calendar entry. The administrator also has the capability to submit the event to other calendars so that your event may be posted on more than one calendar if appropriate. Events must occur within Torrance city limits to be considered for inclusion and submitted within the categories already identified within the calendar. Upon submission, the following information should be included: How To Submit


NuVizion Inc. presents RESTORATION - THE REMIX at the James Armstrong Theatre, 3330 Civic Center Drive.

Tickets are $35/$30/$25.  Call the Theatre Box Office at 310.781.7171.  For further information please access

Dreams can change lives but what happens when that dream costs you everything?  Charles lives his life chasing his dream to become a musical artist and the majority of his time is spent in the studio working on his music, as he neglects his family.  His family attempts to capture his attention, however his behavior is far beyond repair and he finally gets his way and seeks to 'find himself'.  But it is not without major pitfalls.  You can restore material things, but how do you restore your soul?

Restoration - The Remix will explore the reality of this character while he finally crashes and burns.  Will he learn to live with the consequences, or will he rise from the ashes?