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City of Torrance
City Hall
3031 Torrance Blvd.
Torrance, CA 90503 
(310) 328-5310

Elected Officials
City Departments

For street light matters:
Please contact Southern California Edison  at 1-800-655-4555 (24/7) or click here for their street light outage form.

For trash and water matters:
Please contact Global Water's 24-hour Customer Service Office toll-free at 1-855-354-5623.

For private property matters:
Please contact Environmental at (310) 618-5929 or use the CityGram.

For any other non-urgent matters:
CityGram - comments, concerns (i.e. private property in disrepair) and requests for information.
Citizen Requests - requests for City maintenance (i.e. potholes, street trees, traffic signals, street signs, etc).

For non-urgent matters during business hours:
Contact Building Regulations at (310) 618-5910 for building matters.
Contact the Community Development Department at (310) 618-5898 for permit matters.
Contact Environmental at (310) 618-5929 for private property matters.
Contact the Public Works Department at (310) 781-6900 for City maintenance matters.

For non-urgent matters during and after business hours:
Contact the Torrance Police Department at (310) 328-3456 for public safety information. (24/7)
Contact the Torrance Fire Department at (310) 781-7042 to report a non-urgent incident. (24/7)
Contact Torrance Customer Service Office at 1-888-860-3273 for water-related issues. (24/7)
Contact Exxon Mobil at (310) 505-3158 for environmental matters regarding the refinery. (24/7)

For emergencies:
Dial 911 for emergencies. (24/7)