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pre-8:00 am (All Day) Ticket sales for Moonlight Magic
  Description: Visit Madrona Marsh Nature Center to purchase your t...
  Location: Madrona Marsh Preserve and Nature Center
  Admission Fee: $50 ea
  Event URL:
  Event Phone Number: 310-782-3989
  Contact: Madrona Marsh
8:00 PM FIDDLER ON THE ROOF (The Torrance Theatre Company)
  Description: Follow the story of Tevye the milkman as he struggle...
  Location: James Armstrong Theatre [Torrance Cultural Arts Center] 3330 Civic Center Drive
  Admission Fee: $32.50/$30/$22.50
  Event URL:
  Event Phone Number: 310.781.7171
  Contact: Torrance Cultural Arts Center]
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