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Animal Control Program

2200 Jefferson Street, Torrance, CA 90501 (310) 618-3850
Located inside Wilson Park near Tennis Courts


Be Reunited

License Your Pet

Torrance Municipal Code 41.3.1(a) states that all dogs four months of age and thirty days in the city, must be licensed.

Failure to license could result in citation and Court appearance.

For more information about pet licensing, please call Torrance Animal Control at (310) 618-3850.

Finding Your Lost Pet

If you have lost your pet, you can view pets we currently have in custody by clicking here.

Also, Check the Carson Animal Shelter located at 216 W. Victoria (City of Gardena) for your lost pet.

Hours of Operation

You can contact the City of Torrance Animal Control Office at 310-618-3850during regular business hours: Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. Field service is also available on Saturday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm; please leave a detailed message for service. At all other times, please contact the Torrance Police Department at 310-328-3456

You can also contact Torrance Animal Control via e-mail at AnimalControl@TorranceCA.Gov.

The City's Animal Control program was established in 2004 to assist the citizens and animals of Torrance.  The goals and objectives of the Animal Control Section are to reunite lost pets with their owners, help sick or injured animals, educate the public when dealing with wildlife, human investigations, and impoundment of lost or stray animals.  Animals found by the Torrance Animal Control are only kept a short time at our facility.  To learn more or to locate your lost animal, click here.

Animal Control is also responsible for the issuance of animal licenses and the enforcement of local and state laws pertaining to domesticated and wild animals.  To download additional information about our Animal Control program, click here

Contact Torrance Animal Control with detailed information
for the following:

  • Lost and Found Animals

  • Trapped Animals

  • Deceased Animals

  • Injured or Sick Animals

  • Dog Bites

  • Feral Cats

  • Barking Dog Complaints (submit a complaint online)

Additional links:

Los Angeles County Animal Control

Los Angeles County Vector Control (West Nile virus or bee problems) 

Department of Fish and Game (Trapping rules and regulations) 

South Bay Center for Dispute Resolution


Barking Dog Complaint Process

1.- First notice

When we receive a complaint of a barking dog, we require the following information:

a)     Complaining parties name
b)    Address
c)     Phone number
d)    Exact address of barking dog

Once the information is received, we will send a letter of complaint to the dog owner's residence advising them of the nature of the complaint. If we receive a complaint after 5 days from when the first notice is given, but no later than 30 days from the original complaint, we will send out a 7 day order to comply. If a complaint is received after the 30 days from the original complaint, the process starts over.

2.- 7 Day Order To Comply

When we receive a second complaint for the same address within the 30 day time period, we will send a 7 Day Order to Comply. This gives the dog owner 7 days to rectify the problem. During this seven day period, no complaint letters will be sent to the dog owner. If the barking dog is still a problem after the 7 days has expired and no more than 30 days from the date of the notice. A Barking Dog Petition will be sent to the complaining party. If no complaints are received after 30 days, the process starts over.

3.- Barking Dog Petition

When we receive a third complaint from the same address within the 30 day time period after we sent out the 7 Day Order To Comply, we will send to complaining party Barking Dog Petition. This form is to be completely filled out by the complaining party and MUST BE signed by 3 separate residences, willing to testify in court that the barking is a problem. Once this form is completed, a copy must be sent to the City Attorney's office, as well as a copy sent to Animal Control Office. Once the petition is received by the Animal Control Office, a package will be filled out and sent to the Dispute Resolution Team. All parties will be contacted by the Dispute Resolution Team to attempt to resolve the barking problem. If the Dispute Resolution Team CAN resolve the issue, the Animal Control Office is notified and given instructions on how to deal with any further complaints regarding the dog's address. If the Dispute Resolution Team CAN NOT resolve the issue, they will type a letter of Non-Resolution and forward it to the City Attorney's Office. Once received by the City Attorney's Office, they will notify all parties involved of a scheduled court date.



                                                                                            (click here for more information)


Animal Control Fees:

 ANIMAL LICENSE:                   ALTERED                    UNALTERED
 CAT (OPTIONAL)                        $5.00                               $10.00
 DOG (REQUIRED)                      $21.00                             $45.00
 REPLACEMENT TAG                  $5.00                               $5.00
 LATE FEE     $20.00 (Applied if dog has been residing in the City over 30 days prior to licensing or if renewal is late)
 IMPOUND:                   1ST                2ND                 3RD+
                                     $27.00           $50.00              $78.00
 BOARDING:                                           PER/DAY
 CAT/OTHER SMALL ANIMAL                    $8.00
 DOG/OTHER LARGE ANIMAL                   $40.00
                                                          $100.00         $100.00 + LICENSE FEE
 DOG                 LICENSED - NO CHARGE          UNLICENSED - $45.00

Animal Licensing Information

Torrance Animal Licensing c/o PetData

PO Box 141929

Irving, TX 75014-1929

(877) 225-7731

PetData Animal Licensing      

Pets licensed after 5/1/12 will be issued a new metal tag which will remain with the pet permanently while the license must be renewed annually. A replacement for the initial lifetime tag will be $5. Only one tag can be active at one time. Requests for multiple tags for the same animal cannot be fulfilled.

Per TMC 41.3.1 - New licenses will be valid for one year from the date of purchase and will cost $45 for unaltered dogs and $21 for altered dogs. Such license fee shall be paid within thirty days after moving into the City, or within thirty days after acquiring ownership of the dog. If such license fee is not paid within the above mentioned thirty days, or if the annual license has expired, a penalty of $20 shall be added to such fee and collected therewith.

Per TMC 41.4.1 - Proof of a current and valid rabies vaccination is required at the time of application of an annual dog license. The rabies vaccination must be valid for one full year from the date of application for dog license.


Microchips for Animals

Avid Microchip Company 

Home Again Microchip Company 

Found Animals Microchip Registry